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As of 1.7.2021, there is only one greenyGARDEN. This can be upgraded with light and fans as an option.

Der greenyGARDEN wird ausgeliefert mit Dünger für ein Jahr, pH-Senker, Pflanzkörben, einem Saatpaket mit ca. 25 verschiedenen Pflanzsorten, Anbausubstrat (Kokos-Faser) und unserem greenyWATER-Wasserfilter.

If you are a producer, you tell us quarterly how many greenyGARDEN you sell yourself or are collected from you or are sent via DPD. With the next delivery of the filament, you will receive a starter package as mentioned above. This contains, as mentioned, the fertiliser, the seeds, the water pump and all other technology.

If you have "only" ordered one greenyGARDEN and are not a producer, then the technology and the starter kit will be sent to you separately by greeny+ GmbH.

Basically, you can use your greenyGARDEN both indoors and outdoors. In warmer regions, when used outdoors, neither the light nor the fans are needed. When used indoors, the light imitates natural daylight with its primeval times and the fans help the plants to grow stronger so that no pests or similar grow on the underside of the leafy plants.

You can order the seeds from our online shop or get them elsewhere. You don’t have to take out a subscription with us. When you order your greenyGARDEN, a so-called starter kit is also included, which provides you with seeds for a year.

In our online shop we offer a wide range of accessories (e.g. plant baskets, substrate, manure etc.) for your greenyGARDEN. However, we ask you to always order the same amount, so that we can also follow our green thoughts here and protect our environment with relatively small parcel shipments. In general, it is up to you whether you purchase seeds and accessories from us or from a supplier of your choice.

Good to know: As mentioned above, you don’t have to worry about it for the first year because these accessories are also included in the starter kit.

The greenyGARDEN has a status display with LEDs. Green means everything is fine and you can start your day or go home relaxed. Red indicates that nutrients need to be replenished. Add these until the status display switches back to green. If the pH value is too high, the orange light will light up. You can remedy this with the pH-Minus supplied. If your plants lack water, this will be signaled to you by a blue light. A flashing blue light means the pump has switched off to prevent failure. In both cases you should fill up the water tank.

Generally speaking, everything that grows upwards and not downwards. Carrots are therefore out of the question. Lettuce, tomatoes, kohlrabi and much more grow sensationally. With a large number of gardeners, we have already undertaken a few planting trials, and planted and tested a wide range of varieties - but here the rule is: there are no limits to your imagination!

Our recommendation to you is that you start with a simple salad. Depending on the type of plant, wrap 3 to 4 grains of the selected seeds in the moistened substrate. Place in the netpot and let it germinate without light for 5 to 7 days in our grow drawer. Once the plantlet is 1 to 2.5 cm tall, it remains in the drawer under the light for another 5 to 7 days. You can then insert the plant baskets upwards in our greenyGARDEN. In our greeny+ app you can then select the right program and enjoy the rapid growth of your lettuce in the following days.

As soon as you grow a mixed crop in a greenyGARDEN - i.e. combine flowering and non-flowering plants - you should make certain compromises and adjust the nutrients accordingly.

On average, we are currently assuming a delivery time of 2 to 3 months. The delivery time is calculated from receipt of the down payment invoice.

Neighborhood Manufactory


Become an independent entrepreneur without risk with your own neighborhood manufactory! It is an investment in your future that pays for itself in record time after just six to seven months. Sensational products with the name greeny+ will continue to be developed in the future, which can be easily manufactured with your neighborhood manufactory.n

The demand for these organic food and health products is huge, with enormous growth rates in the coming years.

Go the greeny+ way with us!